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Legionella Awareness within Business

Ames Group, one of the Midlands leading providers of environmental services including pest and bird control, clinical waste collection and washroom hygiene services, has expanded its offering into Legionella Risk Assessments and Water Management services.

Based in Birmingham, Ames has always tried to meet the nations need to address environmental matters which may affect businesses from time to time. Given that a growing number of offices are now required to be compliant, an important consideration (other than what temperature the air conditioning is set at!) is whether or not the office, retail unit, School, university and/or factory are compliant with the relevant legislation in respect of legionella.

Legionella is not just a risk associated with large cooling towers, in fact it can affect most water cooled air conditioning systems and as such the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that sources of risk to legionella are identified, prevented where possible or suitably managed, ensuring that accurate records are maintained.

Alan Read, Managing Director of Ames, said “legionella is one of those things that people do not necessarily associate with an office or retail environment however, given the extreme heat we have been having in recent years over the summer period, air conditioning has become more prevalent. As such, at Ames, we want to try and meet the needs for business owners to ensure that they are at all times fully compliant with HSE requirements. That is why we have set up this new business of legionella services to ensure that all of the statutory obligations for any business owner are met by Ames”.

Alan Read went on to say that “for a number of years Ames has been using Hawkins Hatton Corporate Lawyers for all of its corporate law needs and as such knowing that Hawkins Hatton are there, we have been able to not only continue to focus on the business but find new areas to grow using their expertise to avoid legal pitfalls.”

Regulations affect every aspect of business life and as such it is always sensible to ensure businesses check they are fully compliant with all legislation and regulation in order to avoid directors falling foul of their duties which are imposed by statute under the Companies Act 2006. The HSE recommendations in respect of legionella are just another aspect of what may seem an innocuous issue turning out to be a much wider problem.